Grenade Glue & Remover Combo

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After many years of research, we finally formulated the PERFECT GRENADE GLUE that is water resistant, sweat resistant and heat resistant so feel free to enjoy the pool, workout and beach on your vacation with confidence!!

Our ATOMIC GLUE REMOVER gives you EXTREME GLIDE that is super slippery. Our naturally infused organic glue remover will protect your edges during the removal process. For this reason we sell them as a combo pack to ensure your hair is protected at all times. Go ahead doll!! Treat yourself

Customer Reviews

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Shameeka O.
100% Sweat Proof!!

This glue passed the sweat test with flying colors! I work out several days a week, and nothing is more frustrating than trying to do the right thing to be healthy and fit, but your unit that you spent a lot of time slaying, lifts due to sweat! After several rigorous workouts, I had ZERO lift with Grenade Glue (I used 3 layers). Once I was ready to remove my unit, it came off effortlessly using the Remover. Next test - being submerged in the beaches of Florida! Great job on this one!!

Great product.

I really like it! It was holding very strong but I showered and it came up. I’m still impressed with the hold because I reapplied it and baby this is definitely giving my natural hair. Great product.


It works great. will definitely be buying again soon!

Gwyn Edwards
It Works!

I have had no problem with lifting during the use.

Great glue

The bottles are small but I cnt wait to try it out